Waste Gardening

For several years now, I have sustained an experiment on waste gardening. This system uses waste materials at home such as boards, papers, containers, kitchen refuse, and other biodegradable wastes directly into setting up a container garden as shown on photos below. Containers are used as pots. Even plastic pouches and snack bags can be converted into "pots". Kitchen and garden wastes are mixed with scrap/board papers with a little of humus soil to serve as the initial soil of the plant in the container.

 Torn pieces of scrap paper or (wood) sawdust is used to top the mixture in order to retain moisture and discourage rodents/cockroach and flies. The waste materials decompose and serve as soil at the same time without having to go through suspension in a composting bin for a long time.

I also throw wastes directly in the potted/container plants. Just remember to always top wet biowaste with sawdust or torn pieces of board/paper to ward off insects and rodents.
The upside of this practice includes avoiding the long, tedious, composting process, shortening the fertilizing system, and allowing new seeds to grow from the kitchen wastes.

This system is different with simply targetting zero-waste in the garden or kitchen/home. It shortens the organic-waste recycling as well as removes the need to culture a compost bin, which is quite a burden not only to users but to all the noses within the vicinity.

Here are some of the tree-plants I have cultivated this way which are a few years old already...

There is no excuse to not planting today. Oxygen from plants is a vital food that each of us need daily. Even air-conditioned rooms need clean air and oxygen from plants. Lack of plants in our environment no matter how "clean" we may perceive it causes respiratory diseases, restlessness, stress, and unhealthy bodies.

Use your wastes and let us all plant today.