Sphecidae Wasp Nest or Akot-akot

Sphecidae or thread-waisted or mud wasps (you can identify them by their yellow & black stripes) are considered cosmopolitan for being global in population (now, that's what we can call a competition to Ilocanos!)

The Nest (Akot-akot)

The nest of a wasp we Ilocanos call akot-akot is a little mound of earth that sticks to any corner, curved, or flat surface that is often inhabited, or not. It looks like the photo below...

When I was a kid,  this particular "soil" is used to cure mumps caused by the ruvula virus. We use it as polstice.

What would you know! This practice is ancient, and the earth of this nest has been used by the riverine communities of the Ja├║ and Unini Rivers, Amazon, Brazil. In a study published in Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia, it was found that "The inorganic components are formed by minerals (quartz, kaolinite, illite and gibbsite), identified by X-ray diffraction and Infrared spectroscopy, which are common in the soil of the region. The analyses by X-ray fluorescence indicate that the most common oxides are SiO2, Al2O3, and Fe2O3 within minerals."

So, virus can be defeated, eh?