Upcycling Foil Packs

One of the more obiquitous wastes we have are foil packs - from instant noodles, milk, juice drinks, to snack packs. The good news is - with waste gardening, you can now use your foil packs as pots for ornamental plants or starter pot for tree seedlings!

Here, you can learn how to start waste gardening, with wastes as your main ingredients: kitchen refuse, peels, fallen leaves, packaging boards, and papers.

If you already have potted plants in your home, you can directly throw your biodegradable wastes direct to your pot, but remember to top it with either sawdust (if you have them), rice husks, crumpled scrap papers, or torn pieces of packaging board not only to absorb odor but to deter pests from flocking your "new soil".

We will be delighted if you have done your part for humanity today and share with us your project!