Upcycled Plastic Flowers

I recently upcycled some 3-gallon plastic water containers into colorful pastel-colored pots. I upcyled the top portions of the bottle into huge flowers.
1. 3-gallon transparent plastic containers .
2. acrylic paint
3. used plastic sando bags
4. used buttons
5. glue gun
6. scrap thin wires

1. Cut the upper portion of a 3-gallon plastic container.
2. Wash to remove any dirts and marks. Let dry.
3. Cut the plastic into 5, 6 or 8-petal flowers.
4.  Paint with desired color  the outer portion of the container. Let dry.
5. Gather contrasting used plastic sando-bags and cut out the protruding portions retaining the large rectangle portion. Cut into 3 inches wide long strips.
6. Fold the elongated strips into half. Then fold it lengthwise to half-inch wide and cut upper portion into petal shape. Retain the lower portion connected.
7.  Open the plastic bag strips and gather its mid-portion, tying it tightly with thin scrap wire.
8. Force-shape outwards the petals of the painted flower.
9. Using glue-gun, adhere the plastic sando bag-petals on the inner tube of the flowers.
10. Stick the buttons using glue gun on the center of the plastic bag petals.

 Above photos are the painted plastic gallon-tops.
When finished, use the flowers to brighten up a garden, as stake or simply tie on the stem of trees and bushes.