Upcycling Small Package Boxes

Icecream cone and soap boxes get a new life with spring-motif pop-up cards!

Create these beautiful cards and send them to friends and love ones in easy, simple steps:
1. Cut the box at least half an inch smaller than your card envelope.
2. Mark it 2 centimenters off -midway for cutting its flaps.
3. On the smaller half, cut the lined corners from the middle to the top.
4. Fold the 3 flaps and let the 4th flap stand.
5. Cut 4 small strips of board paper 4 centimenter longer than the width of your box as support for the "stems"
6. Position the strips inside the box at even distances using glue on each end of the strip
7. Place the flowers, flourishes, and butterflies on transparent strip stems and position on the strips on boxes placing them behind the strips using double-sided tape to secure
8. Make sure the flowers & butterflies do not exceed height and width of the envelope.
9. Add message boxes, & ta-da!