Recycled Spring Binder into Jewelry Organizer

This is a dismembered plastic spring binder turned into jewelry organizer. One of my most recent favorites.

Tools: hammer, 1 inch finishing nails, a wood slab (if you want to jazz up the slab, an old book image will be fine... I picked one from a vintage Mother Goose and printed a quote I like, glue it sparingly then let dry before assembling the organizer).

How to:
1. Cut or saw an elongated 1 inch wood (I used a bamboo stick, it's more accessible in my place) the size of the spring.
2. Nail the wood on the upper part of the wood slab.
3. Cut 36 inches long wire the same color as the spring so as to camouflage the knots.
4. Tie the spring on the wood stick.
5. Hang your jewelry collection...