Neon Plastic Bottle Lanterns

These neon lanterns are formerly plastic bottles. So, if you are looking to recycle some neon plastic bottles with narrow necks, these lanterns would be the perfect project.

What you need per lanterns:
- 4 identical neon-colored plastic bottles
- cutter
- stapler & wire
- ribbon to hang.

Simply divide your first 2 bottle on its sides (as a whole) into 5, then, draw a straight line from the bottom up. Cut then let the bottles face opposite each other. Staple the edge of the first 3 "rays". Cut into a roll the 2 other bottles as shown below leaving the bottom side as a circle by removing the middle part and retaining outer at least 2 cm outer circle.  Insert the circle on one lower ray and staple, and do the same to the other roll of bottle. Tie a ribbon on top ray and hang as shown below.