Creating Stamps from Phone Cards

Prepare your materials: phone cards, glue, scissors, stapler, rubber mat shapes or letters, double-sided tape. Here I have chosen a flourish. It is available at craft stores, National Bookstore, Landmark or SM school supplies section...

Create a "T" base for the rubber mat shape. Fold 1 phone card crosswise into "M" with equal proportions. Staple the 2 middle folds together to form a "T". place double-sided tape on the top of the "T". Remove cover tape and stick to a whole phone card.
If your rubber shape is bigger than 1 phone card, stick the "T" on 2 phone cards arranged carefully side by side.

Squeeze some glue on one side of the rubber mat shape.

Stick rubber mat on the phone card/s.
Rock'n roll! I used butterfly & flourish stamps for this project.