Glossies, Paper Bags & Containers

Despite the rise and domination today of digital and wireless media, there remains very robust glossy (wannabe elite) magazines around to make us commons drool. They forgot, we, too can be royals on our own, thanks Lorde! Then, there's also the rise of banning plastics everywhere, here in my third-world Philippines, so, plastic bags out, brown paper bags in.

Add it with the ubiquitous containers and plastics, and we have mountains of thrash, dailyWe've been drumming in our workshops and posts to container-garden instead, to keep our government waste team less stressed. And the environment better.

And so, to help you decide how, here are some projects. First of, as usual is container garden.

Use old or new cans, plastics, pouches, broken anything as pot. Then, throw in anything that decomposes in these pots, cover with torn pieces of board paper (packaging boards, newspapers, etc.) and there, un-smelly container garden using your thrash.

Then, organizers, one of my favorites. As I mentioned earlier, we use basic supplies and tools: scissors, glue, cutter, containers, brown paper bag, and marker pen.

For those extra glossies, cut them in elongated triangle strips, roll, and coat with glue. String them together with some beads, and you've got a bracelet. If you want an extra shine on your paper beads, dab with clear nail polish after the glue coating have dried, dry, then string.

But if you want something more permanent,  container garden them. It's worth all the trouble.