Container gardening

The spread of urbanization cannot be slowed down nor prevented... Sooner or later, our rural areas will be filled with concrete jungles, pollution, and not necessarily too many humans... total world population is going on a curve, so, no, the population will not explode the earth... or something to that effect... There's so much habitable land in Canada to worry. Ooops.

What we need to worry is how to sustain liveable space in these cities.

Time to take stock on your waste and roll your sleeves, because it is possible.

First are containers... we can have plastics, cans, even old tires for gardening pots. Here, I stacked up 2 small motorcycle tires together with a wire, then placed nets and woven plastic bags / discards on its bottom to hold soil...
Then, we can also use pouches, more cans, more plastics, and even broken drinking glass /cups.

Punch some holes at the container bottoms (3-4 nail holes are fine), then put on some organic soil, then, place your seedlings. Water them based on need (yes, most of the time, you have to know how much and how often we should water plants, each has a unique requirement), and you have just started a garden.
But if you need actual demonstration, call our group and let's set up a group container gardening workshop. It's time to make our cities liveable. And believe me, you don't need to own a park!