Easy Upcycling - Scrap Papers

Once of the simplest ways to upcycle waste paper of most kinds is creating fun, useful shapes out of them. My book 3Rs of Fun in Waste features a lot of projects that use accessible tools although hand-drawing and cutting substitute may always work, but not as fast, efficient and easy.

Now, of course, you've taken note of the word accessible. As a resident of third world Philippines, EK Success, one of my earliest favorite online shops-ever-delivered where e-bay and Amazon refused, of shunned. The two and many online shops have caught up, but by then, I was already enjoying a lot of my online purchases at EK Success, or from other retailers that carry the brand.

For now, I will demonstrate the easiest way to recycle scrap papers using EK punches. You gather colorful, glossy, magazine pages, scrapbook scraps, color or art paper, gift wrapper, old books, and even packaging paper/boards. I use every piece I fancy.
Then, you must have a puncher. If you haven't have one, you can always trace a shape you like as suggested in my book. However, as I already said earlier, making things easier and more efficient could be a lot more satisfying. So, get one, one you like. For my first, I had the large butterfly punch (orange), maple leaf, and rock fern leaves (am not sure if it was phased out). 
My collection grew, and the later products, had the mark "Made in Dongguan, China" while previously, they were marked "Made in Taiwan".
The large country butterfly (upper right) is already made in China. To my surprise, the cut was crisp, clean, and quite easy. This is not to say the others were not, but it punched through a plastic-kind-of-paper... like the gift bags materials. So, below, you'll find the various butterflies that came from the scrap papers. 

And what to do with paper butterflies?
Create an entire set of invitation and thank you cards.

Paper lanterns.
Create a wreath or a framed wreath, and so many others. Many of the featured products here used EK punches and you can increase your productivity and creativity while reducing wastes!