Phone Card Desktop Quote

This decorative desktop inspirational quote is made from phone cards! Yes, don’t throw your used phone cards but create something you can give as gift to a friend or colleague, or your favourite teacher from wastes!

Here are the materials:
Torn page of favorite quote to fit the size of a phone card, 2 phone cards (for one project), double-sided tape, stapler, scrap candle wax (clear from dark ash), 2-ply cut of tissue paper
1. Fill one side of a phone card end-to-end with double sided tape.
2. Strip off the adhesive peel and position a quote so that it is centered.
3. Cut excess paper of quote to conform to size and shape of phone card.
4. Fold lengthwise the second phone card. Cut in 2 following the fold.
5. Fold into 4 equal lengths one of the halved phone card to form a 4-lehgth zigzag.
6. Press together the middle lines to form a "T". Staple the middle base of the "T".
7. Position double-sided tape on top of the T and stick at the bottom part of the opposite side of the quote of phone card. Be sure that the quote is in upright position.
8. Press the "T" at the back to serve as stand. Cut a slanted angle as shown on 9th photo to keep the quote stand-up.
9. Using the candle wax like a crayon, fill the paper quote with thin layer of wax.
10. Wipe with tissue paper to even wax. (It will serve as protective coating to keep from getting dirty.)

Now, make someone happy and give it as gift, or simply keep on your desk to remind you to be nice (no matter how difficult it is) everyday.

This is a series of projects included in the book 3Rs of Fun in Waste. It contains more than a hundred upcycling projects of many forms of solid waste at home. Aside from easy-to-follow images and illustrations, the materials and tools are also easy to access, right at home. Bituen now accepts request for group workshops that includes an open forum on sustainable lifestyle.