Blau Blume

I've enrolled in Iversity's Design 1o1 and we're on our last week... and I feel a little blue. Maybe, they also do, so, to end the semester, they - Stefano Mirti, professor, designer, architect, etc., Anne-Sophie Gauvin,  designer, artist, etc., Giulia San Gregorio,  etc. (they are and do more than what their profiles say!) - asked us students to make blue flowers!

What a way to end a course.

But ever creative as they are, it's not really the end. There's an exhibit they're cooking up in Berlin designtransfer... we will still get the full details, but hundreds are excited, competitive, and having fun.

And now, we're collecting all our blue flowers.


Come to think of it - I never thought I liked blue... But in my shop, I indeed have blue flowers!

...exhibited at the Design Transfer, Berlin... :D