No Bike

I have a bike, but in the Philippine rural communities, the bike of one person is the bike of a whole neighborhood, or the community. So, when I bought a bike some 2 years back for my youngest child, it has serviced about 30 plus people... and my child, a stocky built 9-year old now - is not happy because every time she needs it, her bike is either gone or bust. We have changed inner tube of tires several times, the front basket is gone, the seat has also been replaced, and outer tires replaced, and now, its another tube (or both) are bust.

So, I have very limited means to visit and check what;s up with my ambitious garden. For the mean time, I am busy container gardening! Because with container gardening, I need very minimal plan! And besides, I am using recycled plastic and can pots! so, I can replant them in any spot I later would decide (if they survive!)

I am saving for a new bike!