Reviving the Post Office - Let's

And so, I'd like to share that I am delighted to receive mails: letters, cards, stuffs (even if its from USPS). I was lucky to have experienced early the joys of receiving mail... Who didn't? But then, we were introduced to SMS, and then internet...

It is why for a while, I enjoyed joining groups and swapping everything at SwapBot... 'til I flaked bigtime and lost face after the major gypsy residence transfer... (indisposed for months to make up).

So, now, I want to start to make the post office a little busy again... it's still a part of our human evolution and a happy part of civilization... (i love this term... like: if we are a majority civilized, what would we need elections for?)

So, now, I am sending at the post office the following:
  • personalized letters
  • greeting cards
  • gift cards
  • crafting items
that are not major major bank breakers... (just regular mails)...

Let me know what of the items above you'd like to receive and I'll send it to ya! But there's a catch, in turn, you have to send post to at least 7 friends or family / relatives. This is not a revolution against the machine (mobile tech) - nono! It's for pure fun and fun. Hope this will work that I receive a letter or two in return - by postal mail!

For those who does not know where or how to start, check this out!