Simple Recycling Ideas

My e-book is out.

The best thing about recycling from my end of the third world (according to the book) is that I have to make do with common household or school stuffs - for crafting like glue, scrap paper, scissors, consumer wastes like wires, bottles, plastics, and a little of glue gun and industrial scissors (those are as industrial as I can get).

So, when you get my book (OK, buy), you're not expected to spend much for crafting accessories or supplies. The paint I used was very minimal - to make these magnetic containers. Spray paint is about $4 in my place, and this will mean for the majority (about 80% of the population or a family' of 3-6) - a day's income. The accents used were mainly magazine pictures. I love magazine pictures for decoupaging. This also means I did not recommend tissue or decoupage papers. These hardly are available in the Philippines. And yes, with a little trick (from the book), a beginner will learn how to decoupage using magazine pictures. I also did not recommend using decoupage or mod podge glue. Ordinary craft glue is used consistently, even for sealing.   BTW, I don't even know what mod podge is, yet.

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