Pressed Flowers with Color! Finally

Finally, I found time to start work on the gifts of Pat Smith and Terica Luxton, dear friends from World Wide Pressed Flower Guild. Created a heart with the flowers. The laminated flowers Terica sent, I created an asymmetrical necklace.

The best thing about their gifts is that the flowers (and leaves, especially the fall leaves) still retain their original colors. I sooo love the fall leaves, but who can resist flowers with colors? It was my first time to actually work with pressed / dried flowers with colors! I used to work only with wild grasses of the shades of creamy white, moss green and brown variations...

You can imagine how I feel, can you? After years of frustration with the shades I mentioned earlier, I finally was able to work with colors! Thanks, Pat, thanks Terica!


Pat said…
Marge, you are most welcome! Any time you need more, PLEASE just ask! I press more than I could ever use and love to share them with you.
Beautiful work! Keep crerating!
Willow said…
Hi, do you know where I could purchase pressed/dried/preserved flowers in the Philippines? I've been searching for a while now but I still couldn't find any sources. :(

I'm looking for stores like these online shops, but hopefully just around the Philippines, if not, around Asia