Vigan's Hidden Garden


This was taken during our reading festival in northern Luzon featuring television kid celebrities - the Star Kids with Hidden Garden's owner Francis Flores. I've seen the Garden grow when it was still a pristine backyard garden with towering bamboos and lots of ferns.
Mr. Flores was an OFW from the Middle East. His family make earthen wares shown here - pots from red clay. In his stay outside the country, he enrolled to a landscaping course. He soon went home and due to his health condition, decided to stay. He spent his time planting as his therapy. "I enjoy planting, it took away my worries, and soon, as my garden grew, my health also improved."
Today, the garden boasts of a wide variety of flora and lots of bonsai plants. It has also become a tourist destination prompting Mrs. Glo Flores to set up her Lilong & Lilang (Grandpa & Grandma) coffee shop. Others on photos: my Mom Mercy, my youngest Ulivia, and Rose Tuzon, a family friend.


What great pictures of that wonderful garden and some amazing crafts.

I'm sorry to hear that your country is dealing with the same problem as the city of Chicago. Government can't get themselves together enough to stop the politicking and start helping the people they serve.

Can't wait to see more of your art!

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shafarina said…
Bonsai! I love them. I will spend more time gardening if I have a garden like that.
Terica said…
Beauty pictures and garden ,thanks for sharing. Peace terica