Petal Postal Surprise

I have not participated in many mail swaps lately but I was delighted to receive a lot of pressed flowers from fellow Worldwide Pressed Flower Guild member Pat! Way back- probably decades ago- I tried to press all the flowers I can gather and ask from neighbors and friends. After weeks of waiting and upon checking, when I saw them turned into various shades of brown, I was discouraged big time I stopped. Only the grasses turned out fine, so, from then on, I sticked to grasses. But now that I have discovered friends who can share no matter how many miles away they are, my interest has bloomed again! Thanks Pat, and also to Terica for the encouragement and support! These ladies don't stop surprising & delighting!


Sonshine Crafts said…
Thanks so much, Marge. I am so happy to be able to share with you and others and help to further this wonderful art! Enjoy and create! Can't wait to see all the wonderful things you make!
I do love the things you have created with what you have had available. You are very talented.
Coleen Franks said…
Marge, these are just lovely. I have a crafter's fan page that you might like. You can find me on Facebook or maybe you can just find the page: vintageterrace2.

Coleen Franks
Coleen Franks said…
Pressing flowers from different locations I visit is one of the memories I keep from the tip. Would make a lovely album if I ever get it done.
shafarina said…
Talented ladies. With superb arts.

It's really refreshing to receive something from our partner, new ideas and new items and new techniques. That's why I love swap bot. :)
Anonymous said…

nagpadala ako ng pressed flower kit for you. nabili ko yon sa salvation army. hope you'll like it...after a month pa siguro makakarating dyan...goodluck to your pressed flower venture!