Valentine Wreath

The month of the hearts is another rich season for getting busy. Here, I'd like to share with you about creating a Valentine wreath although this may actually be an all-year round conversation piece and dainty decor inside the home. It can brighten up any room.

  • bright colored papers- gift wrap, origami or scrapbook papers (glossies are used for this one creating unique patterns and colors)
  • EK butterfly punch or paper shapers
  • stapler
  • Large board paper
  • 2 sizes of satin, organza ribbons for hanging. The narrower ribbon should be at least 12 to 15 inches long and the broader ribbon will be used as decorative one.
  • Pencil for tracing or marking patterns
  • Glue gun and stick.
  1. Punch out several colored papers using the butterfly shapers.
  2. Draft a large heart on board paper with an inner smaller heart shape creating a diameter between the two hearts of 2-3 inches. Imperfect shape is more interesting, but be sure it is identifiable as a heart! Cut out. This one here is about 15 inches wide and 13 inches high.
  3. Layer about 3 of the same shapes and size
  4. Arrange the butterflies to fill up as much space.
  5. Staple them on the middle, positioning on the heart board at random.
  6. Fill up as much space as possible.
  7. Punch a hole on the middle top of the heart. Insert narrow ribbon and tie on both ends to create a hanger. Tie the broader ribbon interloped with the narrow one to create accent.
  8. Lift edge of butterfly wings and pinch on the middle to create #D effect and volume.
  9. Hang in place.
Alternative: If you do not have paper shapers:
  • print out butterfly illustrations such as the ones here, enlarged to your desired size.
  • Cut out patterns and trace on page of the most interesting colors/pattern side.
  • Layer about 3 pages of same size, with the tracing marks on the top page.
  • Staple the middle of the butterflies.
  • Cut the butterflies out.
  • Follow step 2 above.
  • One by one, glue the middle part of the bottom butterfly on the heart board paper in place. Use glue gun as much as possible.
  • Follow step 6 to 9 above.
If you are busy and would rather buy one, check this one out.



Angie said…
This made me smile. Love the colors.
This is so pretty!i think I'd like to make one.Thanks for sharing!
Sherri said…
Oh I love that wreath! Wonderful! I would leave it up year round. Your blog is inspiring. I am a follower now

*Sherri* (swapbot=slevek)