A Garden & A Library

And so I was reading Maria Kaplan again... and saw Cicero's quote "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." And I wish it is just as easy to understand and live up to... but it's not....I have seen several libraries where the books were donated by well-meaning private individuals but the books were never read, instead, they remain a collection for photo opportunities... what a waste.(Ingga's Garden in our dreams)
If I were to choose, I'd have a garden as big as Martha Stewart's... but of course, I would not hire foresters to haul the fallen twigs and tree branches for composting. lol. as far as I know, they compost as long as they connect to the natural ground. But then, I can't even afford one of her pots!
(our city garden in reality)
...but in a crowded metro, a family of 5 is lucky to have one like this... yes, I am lucky!

(badz and our version of Martha's garden)
but in ilocos, our family also maintain that smaller version of Martha's garden (an'taray) in a contested ancestral land at the Cordillera's. It served as refuge, not only for my father but his children as well.


Anonymous said…
Knowledge and Nature goes well together as Cicero observed.

You have taken beautiful shots...
Anonymous said…
munting pahabol: MANIGONG BAGONG TAON!!!
Cassidy said…
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have fun

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Katie Bishop said…
I love that quote! How often I feel like there is more that I need!

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This girl said…
Hi this is awhimofmine from swapbot.

I really love the photos you have posted, it looks so lovely where you are.
Leisha Camden said…
Another reader from swapbot here! I think your garden looks great ... and you're right, you're lucky to have it. :-)
Angie said…
Love the pics and it was a very interesting post. I look forward to reading more.

I am lullabye123 from swap-bot. We were not partnered in the swap, but I HAD to check everyone's blogs out!