Cordillera Landslides

Philippine islands has been hit by a series of storms causing floods, landslide, deaths of about 540 already according to the AFP news service, and displacement of millions of my countrymen.

This photo was taken from Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet, one of the Cordillera (mountain range) provinces, which, as of this moment had its share of numerous landslides already.
(Source: AFP through Yahoo! News)

AFP added that dozens had been killed of the landslides.
While sparsely populated, Northern Luzon, particularly the Cordillera Administrative Region, surprisingly has been subjected to major landslides throughout history. Attributed to the displacement of communities, as well as weakening of its natural defenses, the landslides' causes has been ironically through its natural blessing: gold, silver & copper deposits. Currently, there are three major mining companies in Benguet alone: the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company, Benguet Consolidated Incorporated and Philex Mines Corporation (Boquiren, A. 2006, Haribon Foundation).

Related to the typhoon and the victims, we have started collecting relief goods, raising funds, and hopefully start transport of collected materials before the end of this month. Since material donations have mainly been food and clothing, we will be using funds raised to help furnish learning materials to damaged schools in the Cordilleras and Northern Luzon.

To help, we shall be donating 50% of gross sales to this cause. We hope you would signify your help, too.


Anonymous said…
thank you for posting this. our kababayans who were victims of these calamities urgently need our support.
to those who will, you can send your donations to The Philippine Red Cross