A While

It's been a while that I have not posted. I had been confused a lot -or madness has crept I worked and worked! Here are samplings from my workshop... available at my showroom or at etsy. Otherwise, convo me if interested.

I have not uploaded about 70% of what I have done. Around 60% haven't been taken photos yet. And the rest, I really am not that confident enough, honestly, to even plan to take photos of. I feel like I will remain a neophyte for long... to complicate to that, a confused neophyte.

This is supposed to be something else, NOT a necklace, but my sis thought it would look good on her neck. So far, I have no comment. I wish to remain objective, unbiased, etc.
This mobile is made of die-cut recycled papers.
These are 3D butterflies - die-cut and made from recycled papers.
This is an authentic recycled levi's jeans turned into messenger /laptop bag
This is a twig ring, ikebana fashion (my li'l girl holding it, in case you'd think it's huge!). I have a leaning on ikebana and minimalism, so I often have a disagreement with my sister about my works. She prefers capricious and excessive design.

...Went out with my old pals and I brought them some stuffs... here are the pics. We were at Tanke's 1521 resto. Clockwise, starting from me (in black) is Donna (retired from Abbot pharma), Reg (vid editor & producer with Nickelodeon), Misyel (UN-Germany) and Tex (GMA news & public affairs). In spirit, Odette was there, so, the "other" finger. In college, we were an odd bunch, the wart in the class, although there were bigger warts (in my point of view) like Tanke, and Victoria.