World Wide Pressed Flower Guild

I recently became a member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild with the big help of Terica, and it seemed I was thrown into another world --- a dream world that I never knew existed before. The ladies at WWPF aside from being the friendliest bunch I ever met online also create the most astonishing collage of pressed flowers --- and I was overwhelmed endlessly as I stumble on their sites and works one at a time...

Here are sampling of the reasons why (click to believe):

A dream vacation from Simona
Elegance from Denyse
Wedding Bliss from Annie
Serenity and magnificence from Kate
Ingrid's invitations
Ivetta's overview
Renaissance still-life and framed arts of Pat
Colorful world of Phyllis
Dreamy beauty of Rebeka's
and this are only a few...just browsing through... I'd include the others as I check on them. Eversince I started viewing their works at the Pressed Flower group, I learned how neophyte I am on arts and crafts... to say the least, I feel like a dot(.) But they are very supportive, so, maybe, I'd grow!