Patches & Freebies

I bought this bag at Etsy because of its remnant-rag style of patches.
For the meantime, we're giving away 3 sets of: 2 earring pairs, a bracelet and an anklet with jewellery / jewelry organizer (to double as wall decor) made of recycled packaging board... The contest rules: Post your answer to this question under comments: What common / everyday items would you buy made of recycled materials?

NOTE: Items and designs may vary depending on availability.


Just seen an Australian designer using vintage knitting needles to make jewellery them would definately wear anyone of her designs...LOVE PLASTICS ESPECIALLY VINTAGE STUFF
Hybrid Hopes said…
Any item I would buy normally, I'd buy with recycled materials. Yep, even unmentionables. I've bought clothing, bags, furniture, cards, and jewelry made out of recycled things.

Thanks for your blog. I appreciate it.
Gypsy said…
Hi Suz & Hybrid: Glad for taking up on the challenge...
Rue said…
I agree with Hybrid Hopes that, given the option, provided the quality was the same/acceptable, anything made out of recycled materials that I would normally buy I would buy.

I've done a lot of recycling/repurposing of things myself. When items of clothing get too ratty to wear, I turn them into dust cloths and/or stuff sacks. I've been known to cut the cargo pockets out of cargo pants and use those as little pockets to help organize my pack while traveling. Pant legs get cut off, sewn across the bottom and a draw string inserted into the bottom hem to make a stuff sack. I have some great pillows on my couch that used to be button-down shirts.