Sari-sari Store

For the meantime, more everyday photos... Sari-sari store in the Philippines means neighborhood mini-grocery stores that sells everyday items such as food, snacks and consumer items shampoo, laundry soap, national food instant mami or canton noodles, among other things. As of this writing, 1 US dollar is already equivalent to Philippine peso 45.

A minor mans the store. Gummy candies sell in the Philippines, too.

P45 per kilo of commercial rice... In NFA (National Food Authority) outlets, ordinary rice sells for P18 per kilo. Rice is the staple food of Filipinos and a kilo usually feeds up to six members of a family in one meal.

Over-ripe or semi-damaged fruits are affordable and good enough for the majority of consumers.

Boutique, home-based, in a crowded city neighborhood. Actually, we're having an overload of cloth donations sold in second-hand stores trendies call "UK" or "ukay-ukay."


Johnny Rumble said…
Sounds like a United States truck-stop. Like a Flying J or TA. And I love those stores. I can nearly anything there! Like a CB radio for 20 bucks. Awesome.
Gypsy said…
the equivalent of 20 bucks is quite a blessing here for the marginalized. it means enabling a child to go to elementary school
scatterhaiku said…
i like your pictures of sari sari stores. :) they're the kinds of mundane places one doesn't really notice anymore, but which are actually quite interesting and full of character once you step back and actually take a look. :)