Recycling Grocery Bags & Pizza Boxes

OK, this may be a little bit challenging, only if you're experimenting the first time... It was my second attempt, and my first pics got lost somewhere in transmission but the pics showed pizza boxes and plastic grocery bags (SM, with the word biodegradable on it... well, before you throw it carelessly to rot thinking biodegradable means nature will take care of it to disappear into another form of life, think twice, because the grocery plastic bag genius behind could actually really mean "recyclable" which means one may use it again for another bagging purpose), and measuring up the chipboard boxes to the same size of the grocery bag, or even 2-3 inches shorter... But here's the step-by-step process of turning grocery bags and pizza boxes into a free-standing gift bag or even toys bag:

1. Prepare at least 3 grocery bags (1 small and 2 big), and two pairs of pizza boxes.
2. Cut the pizza boxes to the size of the small grocery bag to make four pieces.
3. Cut the big grocery bags to cover the 4 pizza boxes. Actually, the inner board covered is enough
4. Staple or pierce and clip the covered pizza boxes into pairs with stapler or eyelet puncher (available at Office Warehouse or National Bookstore) with the unfinished side facing each other to make a pair.

5. Using double-sided tape, stick the small grocery bag on the inner side of the two pair of boxes leaving at least 2-3 inches hanging below the boxes.

Reinforce the opening of the plastic bag with a 1 inch strip of chipboard the horizontal length of the small grocery bag still using the double-sided tape. Staple each side on the pizza box.
6. Cover the staple wire on the outer portion of the pizza box with plastic straw or ribbon (I also used the plastic straw of the pizza box) and use the same to embellish --- a simple ribbon will do.

7. Punch pairs of holes to insert ribbon handle. Use as gift bag.

Or to keep toys...


that's a nice idea...