Paper Recycling

I am nuts when it comes to papers. Er, I love recycling papers. From milk cartons, to newspapers, and pan de sal wrappers. I did say I am nuts.
Not that I am an environmentalist nut, but just... these are the available stuffs i can have my hands on.

Here are some I have done lately. These are basic box wrapping, decoupage, and the one made of catalogue pages is a kusudama, of course, with pattern I copied/ downloaded online.

Kusudama origami

The end products serve as canister, stationery holders, decorative storage box, card holder, etc.


Mel said…
its wonderfully different from the usuals that you see everyday, my sister would love to have some of those :)

got a store or something somewhere?
dragonfish said…
I'm also into recycling.I recently started to train gradeschool kids on how to recycle soap boxes into penholders, fabrics into cellphone holders/purse. They were too excited @ the start that we ran out of supplies coz' there's this girl who always say she can't find her craft and start all over again! I just hope they'll gonna get more serious with this saving-mother-earth campaigns.
Gypsy said…
thanks! Actually, I haven't posted my latest designs... I keep on designing new stuff, but sometimes, I can't find the right accents, so, I delay posting. But it's a real challenge to recycle... It's about time... it has become too luxurious. hehe
JamesWilliam said…
Useful post on paper recycling! Infact it will be very helpful and eco-friendly if we recycle each and every day instead of throwing papers.